new life , new challenge .新生活新挑战


        2016年8月14日,我怀着教授中国语言、介绍中国文化的梦想,来到了明尼苏达州圣克劳德市。分配到两所学校工作。上午我去Apollo高中上world language和Immersion Chinese 课程,下完课还要匆匆赶往另一所中学,去教8年级的world language。初来乍到,美国的文化和美国的教育方式、管理方式对我来说都常常会给我带来惊喜,偶尔还会给我一些小碰撞。

                  New life ,New challenge.
August 14th ,2016 .I came to St. Cloud ,MN , with the dream of teaching Chinese , introduce the Chinese culture to the American . I was assigned to two schools to teach . In the morning ,I will go to Apollo high school to teach the “world language ”class and the “immersion Chinese ”. After the class , I should go to North JR high school quickly . After the prepare and the simple lunch , there is another “world language ”class for me . That is for the grade 8th students. New to America , the culture the educational mode and the supervisor mode gave me more moving and shock occasionally.
I taught both the college students and the middle school students .The national college entrance exam and the high school entrance exam are both very difficult . So the Chinese students from the high school and the JR high school are all working very hard .
Because China is a competitive country , Chinese students have a lot of pressure from the social . Almost all the students really heavily on their parents and don’t know how to take care of themselves on their own.
The students from the United state of America can do different things at a time . It’s common to see the American students enjoy more freedom at school . After school , they will attend many kinds of activities , they enjoys playing soccer American football , and others . There are many kind of club in the school ,the principle and all the students will be their support .Compare with the Chinese students , the American students are more independent and mature . They are more happy in the study .
For the American students , the reason for their choose Chinese as their language class are the interesting .The famous educationist  Kongzi of China said before “The one who knows it is less than the one who loves it ; the one who loves it is less than the one enjoys it .”That means interesting id the decisive factor of study . The one who has the interesting , and enjoys the study , he will improve quickly . For me ,no matter where I am teaching at , I should work with I’ve got , find a way to thrive and fit in , try to create my own networks , associates and projects . I hope they will stay interested in Chinese culture and language , It’s also the purpose of my teaching .





In the review lesson of last week , I asked the students to do the paper folding , they were glad to play with the paper. We write Chinese characters in the paper and exercised to had dialogues with 8 sentences.All of them got a good exercise at the class.img_0120