About 《Lever Chinese》

我在Apollo的中文沉浸式班级是从幼儿园参加中文项目的年级学生们。由于每个人的学习特点不同,有的学生中途离开过中文项目,所以在长达10年的学习过程中,他们的语言能力有了较明显的区别。没有教材、如何有效判断他们的语言能力,从而因材施教变成了我这学期的主要问题。好在学区语言沉浸式项目的负责人susan帮助了我,申请了《lever Chinese》的线上课程。这个课程就是以阅读和词汇量的考察为依据,确定每个学生的不同水平。为了完成这个水平测试,我参加了3次培训,最终学会了熟练使用这个网站,也给了学生比较客观的评价。我认为从确认学生阅读水平方面,这个网站的课程设计是比较成功的。但是语言学习是一个综合体,要全面判断学生水平,还需要其他教学手段的辅助。


The immersion students are all studying Chinese from their kindergarten. Almost all of the students are good at listening and speaking . So at the first time when I ask them to learn something looks a bit simple , they didn’t understand .And there was no books for the immersion students , how to teach and what to teach ? Thanks for Ms. Susan , the coach of the Chinese immersion program , she helped me to apply the on line . This website can give the students an objective assessment in vocabulary and comprehension . But not in grammar ,not in writing . So I gave them another kind of test to certain their level . and now I teach them in 3 groups ,sometimes with the same topic , sometimes are different .



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